Wandering heart

I was on my way to work while the sun settle down to set darkness for daylight stead. The dusk lets me barely light my path ,through the way I took this day is located a cathedral. as a believer I believe I’ll always find comfort here and it’s surrounding as every neighbour that lives around comes here with one believe same as mine that’s our anonymity giving me assurance. then I saw a woman going up the step her eyes were weary ,her steps were slow and heavy. the door of the church was close but she peep in through the spaces slides her heart inside to the holiness of the church. If one thing remains in this cruel world what will yours be as for the woman her faith led her back to the cross whom everyone turned their back .

Yours shall be a warrior #love #heartbreak.

The night was at its early stage,laying on my bed exhausted yet my mind strong enough to keep thinking of him. (Have you ever feel the contrasting mindset in yourself?)I hold up my phone,decided to text him though lately it’s been only me who starts conversation.

Me:hello!I hope your day went well,goodnight.

He was online,20 minutes goes by no reply so I deleted it which intrigued him to reply .well ,not with a good start because he was mad at me for deleting it. Our chat got so intense my heart couldn’t take it anymore and my tears were the only one that understand. He said Goodbye and I cried myself to sleep.

I know I’ve been hard to deal with,I lay out all the plans that one have to pass through and when I start believing on them they give up. All my cheers and hope shattered for they all left with an excuse of me deserving someone better not realising that could be them.

Love works in a mysterious way, I’ll be glad if it find its way to me now when I needed it most. Someone to hold and lean on .

To deny or to live with

Where do I start to find my wrong step.to have given you all what I never knew was left of me which you could just push it aside and smile like I never existed in your memory .the devil inside me wish u the best it can that one day as much as you don’t mind me now ,you will reminisce so much of the little time that meant the world to me to let you feel what I can’t get over with.however my inner being force a smile and be happy for you so long as you keep that smile of happiness even though it shattered her .Then she can’t help think of what’s right or wrong whether to feel love again or be indifferent to whatever love comes in her way.

Truth is she’s lost it and every tears at night blurred her way out.The knight with his shining armour may have passed by her but she’s shut them out for none dare to push through those cold doors ..